More Time

More students and events have pushed Friday/weekend contests into busy weekdays. Academics, family time, attendance, and season schedules have all paid the price.

New fields enable more Friday and weekend contests, reducing stress on students and families and creating time for both academic and emotional development.

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Building additional high schools puts even more pressure on already overused performance venues to accommodate the demand of practice and game times.

Having only two performance stadiums for eight high schools forces varsity football games to be played on Thursday and Friday afternoons and evenings.

Varsity soccer games are held at school fields without stands or amenities early in the week or on weekends. And freshman, reserve, and junior varsity teams do not get to play as much due to limited times fields are available.

Parents, teachers, and students feel they don’t have enough family time and “normal” study habits are broken, not only for the student athletes, but the student fans, band members, and pep and spirit squads.

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