More Opportunity

Limited space denies many younger kids the chance to participate and costs Lincoln the opportunity to host state, regional, and even national competitions.

New fields will enable participation and spur economic growth by bringing more athletes, events, and spectators to town – strengthening our kids and our economy.

Help Create More Opportunities by Giving Today

LPS has been a proud partner with community youth organizations by providing facilities and growth opportunities for young athletes. We want this to continue, but there is already a strain on field availability and maintenance.

As an anchor of the entire community, LPS sees these facilities not only having a dynamic impact on the lives of students, but also on the economic possibilities of Lincoln, with a growing industry of youth sports.

The ability to draw families to Lincoln, at times when fields and stadiums are not normally being used, will allow for increased tourism, which will benefit the tax base, local businesses, and the image of our city.


By supporting the Fielding Dreams campaign, you’ll make a difference for our kids and our community in two other ways: more time and more growth.