More Growth

Learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom. Life skills, citizenship, and the experiences of achievement are just as critical for success in adult life.

LPS student athletes gain real-world advantages like personal growth, teamwork, and setting and achieving goals – and their graduation rate is 97%.

Help Kids Grow More by Giving Today

Did you know that students who are active in athletics or activities are more likely to graduate on time and with a higher GPA?

At the core, athletics and activities give students experiences that promote academic achievement, life skills, and citizenship outside of the classroom. These activities create an environment that encourages student participation, and physical, social, and emotional health, all while building individual student character and creating a sense of community.

97% of students participating in LPS activities graduate on time – compared to 80.5% for the district overall. Research shows participating in co-curriculars equates to improved GPA, higher test scores, self-efficacy and development and future career success.

Our kids work hard in the classroom and in their activities – every student deserves the opportunity to grow their skills on and off the fields in our community.


By supporting the Fielding Dreams campaign, you’ll make a difference for our kids and our community in two other ways: more time and more opportunity.