Dear LPS Supporters,

Excellent public schools are part of what makes Lincoln special. Time and time again, our community has shown that when we band together, we can make a real difference.

“We see firsthand how our daughters were shaped by their experiences. It is our privilege to give back to Lincoln and the school system.” – Chris and Mark Whitehead

Lincoln’s high school student population has grown faster than our facilities can support. And with over 3,700 of our youth participating in extracurricular activities like marching band, pep and spirit squads, and athletics our co-curricular spaces are limited.

This is why Lincoln voters kicked off the 2020 school bond with a $15.4 million investment for premier athletic and activity facilities. This show of support is a giant leap toward the total project vision of $33 million.

The Fielding Dreams Capital Campaign will raise the remaining $17.6 million in private funding to take these facilities to championship levels.

We need you to help us carry the ball across the goal line.

By supporting this campaign, you will make a meaningful difference for our kids and our community by giving them more time to play, more ways to grow, and more opportunities to field their dreams.

Chris and Mark Whitehead, Campaign Chairs
Britta and Jake Muhleisen, Campaign Chairs

Team up with us and field their dreams today!


By supporting the Fielding Dreams campaign, you’ll make a difference for our kids and our community in three ways: more time, more growth, and more opportunity.